Groups are a wonderful way to find healing, whether on their own or in conjunction with other modes of therapy, such as your individual or couples work. If you want to get to the solution sooner, try something new; a group could be just what you need. We offer groups on a regular basis in the following areas: Please note: group times or days are not listed in order to maintain client confidentiality. Please call or e-mail for information about meetings times/days. On occasion, groups may be held at other locations.

Partners of Sex Addicts Process & Support Group


Group provides a supportive, caring and non-judgmental space in which you can explore your own healing. Come together with other partners who understand what you are going through, and know that you are not alone! There is hope, there is help, there is healing from the trauma you have experienced. Unlike other addictions, the shame of sexual addiction keeps many isolated in their pain. Often the partner feels unable to turn to their usual support systems of family, friends, co-workers or spiritual advisers, and can remain stuck and alone in a world of pain and intense emotions. I invite you to step onto the path of your own healing. Reclaim your life, your sanity, your Self from the trauma of finding out your significant other is a sex addict. The partners' groups involve two components, (1) Learn tools to help you feel safe again, reduce anxiety, reduce intrusive thoughts, nightmares and other symptoms of trauma, so you can get back to being more like your old self again. Explore how sexual addiction has impacted all aspects of your life and well-being, included your own sense of what is real or not, trust in others and the world, the injuries to your own sexuality and more. (2) feel supported by other partners going through the same experience. Group is not about whether you should stay or go, and no judgements are made for you; it's about getting back to being you.

Men's Sexual Recovery: Support & Process Groups

Help for sexual Addiction, porn addiction
Are you ready to reclaim your life? In a safe, supportive and non-judgmental environment, discover ways to break free from your addiction, to move beyond it, and into your true self. If you want help to stop acting out, to reconnect with yourself and others, and to move beyond the bonds of your addiction, call today. Live the life you want. There is help, there is hope, there is healing!

Phase I: New Beginnings.

Early recovery tasks, such as learning about your addiction, craving/urge control, ceasing addictive, self-destructive behaviors, and developing a support network. New groups begin every 12 weeks.

Phase II: Beyond The Basics .

Once addictive behaviors are contained, moving forward and working on the deeper components of the addiction, and moving toward a new life; the life of your choosing. New groups begin every 12 weeks .

Phase III: Life of Your Choosing.

This is a group for men with long term sobriety who come together for support and encouragement as they create a new life, new meaning. They are living the lives they want. I often hear from this group that they feel they are living an "Authentic life." Group members have been working and succeeding in their addiction journey for 2 or more years.

Intimacy Anorexia Recovery Group

This group is intended for males who struggle with intimacy anorexia. Intimacy anorexia, a term coined by Dr. Doug Weiss of Heart To Heart Counseling, is a relationship disorder that is characterized by a lack of intimacy in a relationship. It can often be present in sexual addiction. It entails one or both of the partners actively withholding emotional, spiritual and/or sexual intimacy from their significant other. Over time, the lack of true intimacy deeply damages the relationship causing deep distress in the partner.

Women's Love & Sexual Addiction Recovery: Support & Process Group

Female Sexual Addiction
A therapy group for women in recovery from sex and/or love addiction. Discover that you are not alone. Connect with other women struggling with sex and/or love addiction, in a warm, supportive, non-judgmental and safe environment. The group will have an educational element, combined with group psychotherapy, providing you the opportunity to explore the patterns and cycles of your compulsive behaviors, discover recovery strategies, relapse prevention, and go more in-depth to unearth the possible roots of your addiction. Call or e-mail for days/times.

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