Testing Services

The following on-line testing services are offered:


Posttraumatic Stress Index – Revised

Trauma tests and questionnaires are usually for a specific population in mind which may preclude certain clinical features or co-occurring populations. The PTSI-R was designed to avoid these issues, and to include previously excluded populations such as sexual addiction.


Money and Work Adaptive Styles Index

Assesses the following issues: debting, compulsive shopping, under-earning, obsessions about money, issues with being wealthy, high risk investing, gambling, embezzlement, shoplifting, chaotic investing, workaholism, chronic giving (Codependence), living in deprivation, or being in a relationship with anyone who exhibits these disorders.


The Post-Traumatic Stress Inventory

An assessment appropriate for most trauma clientele. This assessment tool was designed to assess current style of functioning , related to past or current trauma, and is based upon the latest research, as opposed to standardized levels of traumatic pathology.

SDI 4.0

Sexual Dependency Inventory

A comprehensive assessment for sexual addiction.


Inventory for Partner Anxiety, Stress, and Trauma

A battery of assessments for partners of sex addicts that examines the partner's traumatic reactions, family of origin, strengths, and attachment styles.

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